Pediatric Speech, Language and Reading Services

Areas of Treatment

Areas of Treatment

Lorie S. Delk and Associates specializes in addressing communication disorders in the following areas: articulation, receptive language, expressive language, auditory processing, voice, and fluency.

In addition, we treat children with special needs such as dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, autism, pervasive developmental delay, and Downs Syndrome. We also provide reading therapy using the Lindamood-Bell and Orton-Gillingham methods. When assessing a child’s speech, whether in a screening or a full evaluation, the following areas will be analyzed:

Receptive Language
measures what a child understands (e.g., vocabulary, concepts, etc.)
Expressive Language
measures how well a child uses words to express himself / herself in communication.
Auditory Processing
measures a child’s ability to interpret or process words or sounds. A disorder is present when this process is impaired in some way. Although the words and sounds are heard, the auditory nervous system does not process the sound correctly. Symptoms may include inability to remember what is heard, problems in following directions, difficulty with background noise, and a limited ability to listen.
measures whether or not a child can produce age-appropriate sounds.
measures whether or not a child consistently uses age-appropriate voice quality (e.g., pitch, intonation)
measures whether or not a child speaks without noticeable repetition or struggle.
Apraxia of Speech
measures whether or not a child has a deficit in the ability to plan the motor movements for speech. Children with Apraxia have difficulties transmitting the speech message from their brain to their mouths. Speech errors tend to be inconsistent.
We are so grateful for the help that our 4-year-old daughter Christina has received at Lorie Delk and Associates this year! She has gone from incomprehensible to articulate in the space of a few short months.