Pediatric Speech, Language and Reading Services



Lorie S. Delk and Associates has been providing speech and language therapy in a private setting in Atlanta for over 13 years. We are recognized by physicians, audiologists, psychologists, and schools for providing excellent service to children and their families. Services are provided at our Therapy Center, as well as day care facilities, private schools, and homes (on a limited basis).

Lorie Delk began a private practice in 1995 after the birth of her third child. Having worked in the public school system, Lorie set out to establish a practice in which she could fully diagnose and treat all areas of the communication disorder in the most effective manner. She quickly established a referral network among local area pediatricians and ENTs. Lorie was able to focus on providing customized, individual therapy in a convenient setting.

As the number of referrals continued to grow, Lorie S. Delk and Associates was incorporated in 1999 to meet the demand. Lorie has carefully selected certified speech language pathologists to insure that the same high-quality services are provided to all clients.

In addition, Lorie has expanded services to include treatment of reading disorders / dyslexia.  Three staff reading specialists are dedicated solely to working with children with reading disorders.

What I love most about Lorie is her desire to serve the whole child. She not only takes an interest in the child’s therapy, but gets to know the child she is serving as well.

COLIN CREEL | Headmaster Cornerstone Christian Academy